Cumbrian Goat’s Cheese Selection


Cumbrian Goat’s milk cheese selection – containing four goats milk cheeses.


Cumbrian Goat’s Cheese Selection

Featuring four pieces of our handmade Goat’s milk cheese:

  • Hootenanny (approx. 200g) – A semi-hard cheese made from pasteurised goats milk. Pure white in colour; rich creamy texture gives way to fresh, delicate flavours.
  • Smoked Hootenanny (approx. 200g) – A semi-hard goats cheese skilfully smoked in the traditional manner – Smooth & silky in texture the delicate flavour is subtlety balanced with oak & apple wood smoke.
  • Nanny McBrie (approx. 150g) – Mould ripened goats milk brie. A smooth, rich, creamy, white brie made from pasteurised goat’s milk.
  • Hattie McPhee’s Mediterranean (approx. 250g) – A crumbly brined salad style goat’s milk cheese.

All of our Goat’s milk is sourced from a local family run farm less than 8 miles away.

Suitable for Vegetarians.